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Green Tree Frog Care, Diet, And Tank Set Up

Green Tree Frog Care Guide

How to take care of your green tree frog.

The American Green Tree Frog is native to the south eastern area of the United States. Green tree frogs thrive in a warm humid climate and are a nocturnal arboreal amphibian.

Green Tree Frog Tank Set Up

Minimum 10 gallon tall tank for 2 tree frogs 12X12X18 minimum tank Shallow water dish Vines or branches to climb on Leaves and decor to allow your frogs to hide Hygrometer and thermometer Safe moisture holding substrate

Green Tree Frog Diet

A staple diet of crickets usually works well for tree frogs Young frogs should be fed daily Adult frogs should be fed every other day Dust crickets with calcium vitamin d supplement every other feeding

My Tank and Supplies Green Tree Frog Tank Eco Earth

My Filming Equipment Canon EOS T6i DSLR Rode VMGO Video Mic GO

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