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Pacman Frog Heating (How To Heat Your Pacman Frog Tank)

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Pacman frog tank heating

The ideal daytime temperature for the pacman frog range from 75 to 85 degrees. In cooler times an under the tank mat with a towel between the mat and tank bottom is recommended with this method, a ceramic heat lamp, a low wattage infrared heat lamp, a night heat lamp, or you can keep a space heater in the room to help keep temperatures warmer.

Night time temperatures for the pacman frog can go as low as 68 degrees, so they typically do not require much extra heating.

Proper heating for your pacman frog tank is very important to keep your frog healthy, so keep an eye on your tank temperature to be sure you are providing the correct amount of heating for your frogs needs.

Heating products for your frog

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