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GloFish Danio Care Guide | GloFish Care Guide Series Ep. 3

About the GloFish Danio

Back in 1999 a group of scientists at the National University of Singapore were working with a gene extracted from a jellyfish that produced a bright green fluorescent coloration that they inserted into a zebra danio embryo allowing it to integrate into the fish’s genome.

This would soon become the first of the GloFish known as the electric green danio. On top of the

fluorescent green, these fish now come in a variety of neon colors such as orange, purple, blue, and red. But even with these new bright fluorescent colorations, they are still zebra danios at there core, and should be treated as such.

Danios are known to be a peaceful schooling fish, so you will want to keep at least 5 of them in your aquarium. If they are kept in too small of a grouping, these fish can become stressed, and may show aggression towards other tank mates.

Danios are small mid to top dwelling fish that only get to be around 2 inches in size. They are considered to be an extremely hardy fish, and if well cared for can live as long as 5 years.

Tank Set Up

While these danios may be small in size, they tend to be extremely active swimmers, and will need a 10 gallon tank or larger.

They do well in a wide range of temperatures between 65°-77°F, and prefer soft to medium hard water, with a pH between 6.5-7.2.

Because they are extremely active swimmers, you will want to take this into consideration when setting up their tank. These fish will prefer diffused lighting with plants and décor to provide them with hiding places, along with a darker substrate and plenty of open space for them to swim.


Danios are omnivores and they are not at all picky eaters. A diet consisting of a high-quality small pellet or flake food along with brine shrimp, bloodworms, daphnia, and the occasional blanched vegetables such as cucumber or spinach.

Tank Mates

GloFish danios can be a great addition to a community tank with similar sized peaceful fish. A few good examples of tank mates would be ember tetras, platies, Corydoras, or cardinal tetras. You may want to avoid placing these danios in with fish that have longer flowing fins, aggressive fish, or large fish. As the saying goes, if it fits in a fish’s mouth, it’s food.


Danios are an egg laying species, that are relatively easy to breed. Having said that, do always keep in mind, when it comes to breeding, as with all GloFish, there is a patent on them, so you cannot legally sell them.

When it comes to telling males and females apart, the males are much more streamlined, while the females will have fuller, more rounded bodies.

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