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Malaysian Trumpet Snail Basic Care

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

About the Trumpet Snail

The Malaysian trumpet snail is a small freshwater snail which only gets up to around 1 inch in size. They are typically a brown or gray color, with some having interesting patterns on their shells.

Friend or foe

The Malaysian trumpet snail is often considered a pest by hobbyists. They often make their way into our tanks by hitching a ride on plants and can reproduce rapidly. For those who don’t want them in their tanks they can sometimes be difficult to get rid of or keep their population under control.

The Malaysian trumpet snail has it’s perks though, they are very common in the hobby, and because many consider them to be a pest, you can often get them for free. These snails also tend to dig and bury themselves in the substrate which can help prevent gas build ups.

Tank Requirements

Because of their small size, the Malaysian trumpet snail can be kept in a wide variety of aquarium sizes, and are commonly seen in 5-10 gallon tanks. Also, because of their size, you will not want to keep them in a tank with too strong of a filter intake, as they can get sucked in.

As with most snails, they need to be kept in a pH of at least 7 and prefer temperatures between 70-78 to keep them active in your tank.


These snails will help with eating any leftover fish food in your tank and will also eat decaying plant matter and soft algae growing in your tank. You can also supplement their diet with algae wafers, blanched vegetables, and pellets, along with a calcium supplement to help with shell growth and health.


Malaysian Trumpet snails can breed very quickly and overwhelm a tank if overfed. Many hobbyists try to limit the food supply to their trumpet snails to keep their tanks from becoming overpopulated.

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