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The Benefits Of Indian Almond Leaves In Your Aquarium 🍂 Catappa Leaves 🍂 (Catappa Leaves)

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Indian Almond leaves are often used in aquariums to help improve water quality and to prevent or help heal certain illnesses.

When these leaves are added to the aquarium they will start to break down, and as they break down they will release tannic acid and tannins into the water. This can be a natural way to lower the pH in your aquarium.

For many of the popular fish out there such as bettas, the Indian almond leaves can help to create an environment that is more like their natural habitat, which can in turn reduce stress in your fish and help keep them healthier.

Indian almond leaves are also frequently used as an alternative or addition to medication. These leaves are believed to have anti-fungal as well as anti-inflammatory properties and are popularly used to help aid in the treatment of fin rot.

For those who keep shrimp or fish such as the platy fish, Indian almond leaves can make for a nice treat as well as a great place for eggs to be laid or fry to hide in. These leaves also help to create a very natural look in your aquarium.

Now because they do release tannins into the water, as with any tannin releasing item placed into an aquarium, they can cause the water’s color to change from crystal clear to a more yellowish-brown tint. This can be very beneficial to many types of popular fish as many fish such as bettas and killifish, do not care much for harsh lighting.

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