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Sick Fish Common Causes

Sick Fish Common Causes | The Importance Of Water Parameters

Neon Tetras

I have been getting a lot of questions from people having problems with their fish getting sick and wanted to help with some of the biggest problems that I see out there, and the most common reasons many fish will fall ill or pass away.

Common diseases caused by poor water quality

There are many diseases and problems we find in fish that are caused by keeping fish in poor or incorrect water conditions. Fin rot is one of the most common diseases that we see in the hobby typically caused by poor water quality. If there is a problem such as an ammonia spike in the tank, this can sometimes wipe out an entire tank within a very short time span. Keeping fish in poor or incorrect water conditions can cause added physical stress to your fish, which can lower their immune system, leaving them open to diseases.

Incorrect tank temperatures

Keeping your fish tank at the incorrect temperature, or in a tank where the temperature fluctuates too much throughout the day can be fatal for many species of fish. Knowing the correct temperature that the fish you are keeping need to be at and making sure the temperatures in the tank are stable can be crucial for these fish. There are a lot of species out there that are extremely sensitive to the slightest change in temperature and this must be taken in to account. Keeping a fish in a tank with incorrect water temperatures or temperatures that wildly fluctuate throughout the day can stress fish out physically, leaving them more susceptible to illness. Acquiring a high-quality adjustable heater for your aquarium can give you peace of mind, but you will still want to keep a thermometer in the tank to check to make sure your heater is functioning properly.

Incorrect water parameters

Many species of fish have different needs when it comes to water parameters. Knowing the water parameter requirements for the species of fish you are keeping and making sure the tank you will be keeping these fish in have the correct parameters can help keep your fish healthier. Keeping fish in incorrect water conditions can create stress on the fish, leaving them more susceptible to diseases. Testing the water in your aquarium before placing the fish in the tank can help you to know what type of adjustments you might need to make to the water.

Water Testing

There are many types of tests available to test your water. Test strips are commonly used for a quick check of water quality, although they are not always very detailed, and sometimes can become contaminated. There are also kits available to check water that usually come with tubes and drops to check your water quality. These kits tend to offer the most extensive and accurate testing, and you don’t have to worry about potential contamination from moisture in the air causing problems. Some aquarium shops even offer free water testing to help those who are new to the hobby identify what their water parameters are, and what they can do to make any necessary changes to improve their water quality.

The importance of tank maintenance

Making sure to have a good maintenance routine for your aquariums is crucial to keeping your fish healthy. Regular water testing will give you a better picture for just how often you will need to do water changes in your tank. Checking on a regular basis to make sure your filter and heater are functioning properly and changing any filter cartridges as needed are very important for keeping your water and tank from experiencing issues. Some tanks will require more maintenance than others, depending on the size of the tank, and the type of fish you are keeping.

Keep your fish from getting sick

By making sure to keep your fish in the proper environment, doing routine water testing, and keeping up with tank maintenance, you can really help to improve the quality of life for your fish and prevent your fish from disease.

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