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Sometimes Accidents Happen

While doing my water changes today, I made a huge mistake and accidentally cracked my Fluval Chi. I have had this tank for years now, and this was a very unfortunate accident. My advice to all out there is never to rush through your water changes. Always take care when removing your tank lid, filters, or anything else that could potentially cause damage to your tank or your equipment.

When doing water changes so much can go wrong when we try to rush through the process. The most common problem when doing tank maintenance seems to be accidentally flooding an area, because of walking away while water is being removed from the tank. I don't think I have met a fish keeper yet that has not accidentally gotten water all over the floor at some point.

Always try to set yourself up for success by giving yourself enough time to get your tank maintenance done while free from distractions and interruptions. Good preparation can really help to prevent accidents from happening.

Lucky for me, the tank is currently still functional for now. I only created a small hairline crack at the top of the tank, but now I still must find a replacement tank. I am trying to decide if I want the same tank, one with better lighting, or a larger tank.

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