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The Nitrogen Cycle, Cycling Your Aquarium, And How To Speed Up The Process

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Cycling your aquarium tank is a very important part of caring for your aquarium and keeping your fish healthy. The nitrogen cycle has a large impact on your aquarium.

Fish and fish food create waste that turns into ammonia, good bacteria in your tank then eat that ammonia and turn it into nitrite, a secondary bacteria in your tank then feeds on the nitrite, and turns that into a much less harmful substance, nitrate. We then get rid of the nitrate by doing our water changes.

Cycling your aquarium tank will usually take 4-8 weeks While cycling your tank you will need to do small frequent water changes on your aquarium.

Test your water every few days while your tank is cycling After your aquarium is established and finished cycling you can do less frequent smaller water changes based on when your water tests show you require it.

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