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How To Adjust The Flow In The 2.5 Gallon Top Fin Retreat Aquarium

So first of course you will turn off the aquarium light and unplug your tank and any heaters or extra equipment you have running in the tank, if you forget this step the pump could burn out and the heater could break, if it is a glass heater it could even explode.

Now I am going to go ahead and remove a little about 2/3 of the water in the tank so I wont have to worry about any water getting splashed out while I do this, I have seen others do this without removing any water, but I am not that talented.

So here I am removing the lid to get to my filtration, then you will remove the tube that is attached to the output and the pump, which should just pop off the back of the output and off of the water pump pretty easily.

The pump is at the bottom attached by suction cups and you should be able to get it out by gently pulling on the power cord attached to the pump

You can adjust the flow by moving the slider towards the plus or minus side depending on if you want more or less flow in the tank. For my betta I have the pump turned all the way down. Just so you know the pump does run a bit louder with it on this setting, but I don’t really notice it on mine anymore.

Now it’s time to just put everything back together in the tank, so I will attach the tubing to the pump and just put it back into the tank and pop it back on the output, place the lid back on the tank and add dechlorinated water back in, I did have some dead leaves to pull out

Then just plug everything back in and that’s it. So as I said, the whole process should only take you a few minutes, and it is super easy, and then you will have the proper flow in your tank for your fish.

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