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Cat Problems 101 | Stop Your Cat From Scratching The Furniture

Cats will scratch on surfaces for many different reasons. You can stop your cat from scratching your furniture and belongings though with some simple solutions.

Providing your cats with several cat scratching posts placed near your furniture, along with choosing scratching posts with different textures, and infusing them with catnip can really help encourage them to scratch on their furniture instead of yours.

If the catnip infused scratching posts aren't enough, there are several types of deterrents you can use to make your couch seem less desirable. There are ton of different types of pheromone sprays and scent sprays that really work well to discourage most cats from going to an area.

Other options for even more stubborn cats are products such as Soft Paws and Kitty Caps. These are fake adhesive nails you can place over your cats freshly cut nails to prevent them from being able to scratch things, with little to no discomfort.

Another thing you can do is keeping your cats nails trimmed smoothly. Your cat might be encouraged to hurry and scratch to sharpen their nails (remove outer layers until sharp under layer is exposed).

If it fits your budget there are also motion sensing compressed air sprayers that will spray a puff of air when your cat comes near it. Only downside is these don't cover a very large area.

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