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Pacman Frog Care, Diet, And Tank Set Up (Updated)

All the basics for pacman frog care

I redid my pacman frog video as a shortened version of all the basics.

Pacman frogs tank set up

Juvenile pacman frog 5 gallon tank Adult pacman frog 10 gallon tank


Coconut husk fiber (such as Eco Earth) 2 inches of substrate for the pacman frog to be able to burrow in


75 to 85 degrees In cooler times an under the tank mat with a towel between the mat and tank bottom is recommended with this method, a ceramic heat lamp, a low wattage infrared heat lamp, a night heat lamp, or you can keep a space heater in the room to help keep temperatures warmer.

Humidity Between 40-80%


Dubia roaches and crickets as a staple diet, occasional nightcrawler, pinkie, wax worms

I forgot to mention in this video the life span of the pacman frog is on average 10 years.

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